Who We Are

We started this company because we were sick and tired of being failed by the modern comic book industry and more broadly entertainment itself. We’ve seen the legacies of our favorite characters ruined without a second thought and the creation of soulless new characters without any heart put into them. We created IronClad Comics as a response to this failure with the single purpose of making graphic novels a respectable and powerful source of entertainment again. So please join us as we Forge New Icons!

Our Stories

We’re offering a unified and cohesive universe containing a wide variety of genres that you can invest in. Our timeline is simple and accessible, you’ll know where the story starts and where it’s going while keeping all individual stories contained and strong in their own right. Our characters have been meticulously crafted to be what readers so desperately are after. We take our stories with the utmost seriousness, we will never insult our readers or the canon, and we will keep our stories and characters consistent as they grow and develop.

Where We're Going

We are currently just starting out, but we have big plans. With your loyalty and support we will turn IronClad Comics into a cultural phenomenon and household name here to last for the long run. We want to make more and more books as time goes on building the next generation of iconic characters and creating modern epics. This will be no easy task, but with your help there will be nothing that can stop us.